Our job

By working with wine-grower families, we aim to go from one end of the supply chain to the other without any middlemen.

First of all, our business is to select the wines from the châteaux, and, to offer our selection to professional buyers (importers / distributors / wine shops / restaurants) and to private buyers (collectors / wine amateurs).

Beyond the main functions of the profession, the work must be done with enthusiasm and passion. This passion added to our taste for good things create a strong link with our partners. 

This feeling must be transmitted through our words and our wines. We want to share our family heirloom passed from generation to generation, and the personal attachment we have for our region thanks to its rich history and roots.

Our products are not just bottles that blend into the shelves of supermarkets or wine shops; they represent the passion, care, and love of a long work done beforehand.

Our Team

Wine DnA is the result of a long reflexion made by two young graduated students of Bordeaux Inseec business school on today wine industry.

Both of them come from agricultural backgrounds and wish to help the wine makers to commercialise their products abroad. 

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